K.A.T.I.E. Award Introduced at Mite Jam Tournment

On January 23, 2016, an explanation of the K.A.T.I.E. Award and its significance was given at a hockey tournament which took place at the classic rink in East Aurora. The Aurora Ice Hockey Association hosted the tournament which was called their first Mite Jam.

Chris Catanzaro, President of AIA, looked throughout the day for someone, (either a youth or an adult), being K.A.T.I.E. or kind and thoughtful. Three boys, (pictured on the right), were recognized by Chris as having done something kind and thoughtful.

The hockey games are intended to grow and empower kids. They are a blend of safe and healthy competition with an emphasis on enjoying the great sport of hockey which is the Aurora Ice Association Way.

We are grateful to Chris Catanzaro for explaining the K.A.T.I.E. Award at the hockey tournament. The Aurora Ice Association is launching a new program called the Aurora Ice Butterfly Brigade to celebrate the life of Katie Durkin and to continue the mission of the Butterfly Foundation. Katie was a member of the Aurora Ice Association and the loss of her this past summer has been very difficult for those who were close to her as well as the community around her.

Chris was Katie's coach during the time that she played hockey. Katie loved the sport. He told the crowd today that "although she was competitive, she was the embodiment of Kind And Thoughtful in Everything." The Mite Jam players in the banner above wear Katie's number (84) on the back of their jerseys and The Butterfly Foundation logo on the front. Katie's sister's number was 48.

The Aurora Ice Butterfly Brigade is an opportunity for those within our community to recognize acts of kindness and thoughtfulness demonstrated by players, coaches, parents and friends.