atletic park

Butterfly Athletic Park at Wales Primary School

In 2015 a group of dedicated volunteers sat down to meet with Parkitects, Inc. to discuss plans for Butterfly Athletic Park, in remembrance of Katie Durkin. Parkitects handed out a two to three year general time-line for whenever the funds could be obtained and the playground could be designed. What Parkitects didn’t realize at the time was that the playground committee was determined to have the park completed in less than six months from that initial meeting.

Over 200 volunteers signed up to assemble the playground. Numerous volunteers worked on the project. Tens of thousands of dollars of supplies were donated from various companies. The needed funding of $425,000 was eventually raised to complete the Butterfly Athletic Park after receiving a capstone grant from the State of New York. Combined with the region-wide outpouring of financial and in-kind support, the grant provided final funding for the park.

The Butterfly Foundation, Wales Primary PTO, and the Butterfly Athletic Park playground committee expressed their desire to to thank each and every person involved. This would not have been possible without the love and support from our community. Together, we channeled our emotion into a positive place for the health and enjoyment of thousands of youth.

A Prayer Dedication Ceremony took place on April 16, 2016. It was a beautiful day. There was an amazing turnout. The Butterfly Foundation Board and the playground committee could not stress enough that the love and support from this community had been astonishing. After the completion of the athletic park and with encouragement from the community, the Butterfly Foundation decided to plan other projects.